About Me

My Name is Finastri Annisa. You can call me Annisa or Icha.

In my opinion, this life is full of stories. Every single person and their life’s parts can make for the meaningfull of stories. The story can be searched, developed, and shared for people. From one story, we can make change, even change the world. We can share goodness from story. So, i’m so interest and passionate for writing everything that i found and giving us something inspiring. Yes, because i believe every single person need it!

From this interesting, bringing me to write and make a meaningfull content for Non Government Organization. Being here is a meaningfull experience because i can found so much stories. My responsibility here are making content that related with human interest, caring, humanity, social development, islamic funding for making public awareness and organization marketing. I’m also as a part for making social media ads and tools.

Since 6 years ago i have worked at social organization or non profit organization. Untill now, i always work with non profit organization so interesting to be here, although the prospectus financially is not the same as the profit company.

For writing about my interest, i write it at my personal blog http://ideannisa.com. This blog contains about my life journey, my opinion, lifestyle, and brand content for cooperating. Sometimes, i write articles for any online platform, like as ummi-online, sisternet, dalamislam as contributor, and other platforms. For any business you can contact me at finastricha@gmail.com.

I Love Writing and make story. Hopefully, i will do this for all my life. I want to leave a trail of goodness even though I am no longer in this world.